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But what is my hair? What are the elements? Come to understand the "hair" to be clear
07-29-2020, 09:34 AM
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But what is my hair? What are the elements? Come to understand the "hair" to be clear
Hair root

Responsible for hair growth The position of the hair follicle is in the dermis, which receives nutrients from the dense veins of the blood vessels in the dermal papilla and then produces the substance to create new hair permanently from the special skin cells of the hair matrix. The hair root is surrounded by the root. Inside and outside In the area next to the skin The hair muscles slant down into the pores, which are the openings of the sebaceous glands. This fat is a protection part of the skin of the hair.

Pigment cells, known as melanocytes (Melanocytes) in the hair follicles responsible for producing red, yellow or brown (eumelanin) in the amount of inheritance. These colors will be the hair color indicator. As we get older, the color production will decrease. Causes the hair to become white

The natural characteristics of the folexin hair genetically. The greater the cross-section of the round hair The more straight the hair will be. On the other hand, the bulb cross section looks much better. The more curly the hair is

Hair growth depends on the normal cycle. Between two to six weeks The continuous growth period, also known as the anagen period, is considered the longest period in the cycle. After this it will be a transition period called catagen where the hair follicles will disappear. Stop growing and hair will eventually fall. The next dormancy period or the telogen phase lasts about three to four months. At the end of this period, new hair follicles are formed from stem cells. And this hair will start a new circuit before entering the telogen phase again
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