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Why did I lose my eyelashes? Alopecia Areata, a disorder of the immune system causing hair loss. The immune cells attack the hair follicles thus causing them to fall out. This can cause loss of all hair on the body or loss in just one area such as eyebrows, beard, eyelashes or scalp. There is no cure for this but it can be treated.
Do eyelashes grow back after lash extensions? Your eyelashes will, in fact, grow back. "Getting eyelash extensions does not affect the natural growth cycle during or after you decide to stop getting them applied," says Montazem. Many people feel that their natural lashes get thinner or shorter afterwards, but it's essentially an optical illusion.
How common is double eyelashes? A double row of eyelashes is known as distichiasis and is quite rare. The condition is not associated with other eye or systemic abnormalities. In most people the two rows are found in all four lids but sometimes only one or two.
Can blepharitis heal itself? Blepharitis is often a chronic condition that is difficult to treat. Blepharitis can be uncomfortable and may be unsightly. But it usually doesn't cause permanent damage to your eyesight, and it's not contagious.
Why lash extensions are bad? Instead, most problems are caused by the glue that's used to bond the synthetic extensions in place, since these often contain formaldehyde or other chemicals that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Eyelash extensions can make short, sparse eyelashes look thicker and longer. But there are risks.
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