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Is selegiline otc, stories depression cure success

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How do you stay healthy with Parkinson's? Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though there is no special diet for PD, eating healthy foods with plenty of nutrients can help your body work more efficiently. Drinking plenty of fluids can help reduce constipation. Regular exercise can keep your muscles strong and flexible, and improve balance.
Why is exercise important for Parkinson's disease? While exercise is important for everyone, exercise plays a crucial role in people with Parkinson's disease (PD). Regular exercise is essential for people with PD to maintain balance and mobility, and it may help slow the progression of the disease.
Why can't I stop shaking? Shaking, or body tremors, are a symptom caused by your nervous system. When you start to feel anxious, your body releases stress hormones that send energy to your cells because your fight or flight response has been activated. When you don't use that pent-up energy, it causes the shaking associated with nervousness.
How long does it take for carbidopa levodopa to work? It usually takes about 5 days to reach a stable dose of the suspension, but your doses may need to be changed again over time depending on your ongoing response to the medication.
How is early onset Parkinson's treated? Treatment options for early onset Parkinson's disease Levodopa is a chemical that's converted to dopamine in the brain. People with early onset Parkinson's may experience more negative side effects, such as involuntary movements. MAO-B inhibitors can help reduce the breakdown of dopamine in the brain.
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