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Is colchicine a painkiller? While colchicine has potent anti-inflammatory properties, its efficacy in treating pain other than gout is limited. Colchicine is not considered analgesic (pain relieving) and does nothing to alter high uric acid levels associated with gout.
How is familial Mediterranean fever diagnosed? Blood tests. An elevated level of white blood cells, which fight infections, is one such marker. Genetic testing. Genetic testing may determine if your MEFV gene contains a mutation that is associated with familial Mediterranean fever.
What is white fever disease? Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) is a hereditary inflammatory disorder. FMF is an autoinflammatory disease caused by mutations in Mediterranean fever gene, which encodes a 781–amino acid protein called pyrin. Note that "periodic fever " can also refer to any of the periodic fever syndromes.
The lapsed but listening Catholic traveled from Canterbury to Rome to figure out what he believes. In A Pilgrimage to Eternity, he shares his findings. New images taken by the ESA's Copernicus Sentinel satellites shows two major new cracks in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. The cracks measure over 20 kilometers long and could lead to new ice bergs. Mother Elisha Bakes, from Melbourne, has proudly showed off her incredible body transformation just months after she was cruelly taunted over the size of her baby bump. A roundup of things our editors and a few contributors are excited about in a given week. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING Emily Godfrey (pictured) was left 'screaming in agony' aftera gang launched the missile at her in Merseyside.