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Do menopause symptoms return after stopping HRT? Most women stop taking it once their menopausal symptoms pass, which is usually after a few years. Gradually decreasing your HRT dose is usually recommended because it's less likely to cause your symptoms to come back in the short term.
Does estrogen replacement cause weight gain? Although it is believed that estrogen therapy (HRT) is a cause of weight gain for women, the researchers say that is not the case, and HRT can help women lose the unwanted belly fat that appears post- menopause. But each woman is different, so at the menopause, it is important to discuss your health with your doctor."
Do hormone blockers stop periods? This stops things like periods and breast growth, or voice-deepening and facial hair growth. There are two kinds of puberty blockers : A flexible rod called histrelin acetate that goes under the skin of the arm and lasts for 1 year. A shot called leuprolide acetate, which works for 1, 3, or 4 months at a time.
How long does hormone therapy take to start working? It may take a few weeks to feel the effects of treatment and there may be some side effects at first. Your GP will normally recommend trying treatment for three months to see if it helps.
At what age can you start testosterone? Cross-sex hormones — like estrogen and testosterone — used to be given only to adults. But treatment guidelines, established in 2009, now include children – though they do not recommend starting before age 16.
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