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Does Medicaid cover hormone replacement therapy? Additionally, some state and federal public employees are covered for transition-related care through their group benefit plans. Medicare/ Medicaid : Medicare provides for transgender healthcare such as routine medically necessary care, hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgeries.
Is estradiol dangerous to take? This information shouldn't be applied to every woman, but for healthy women it's very safe to take estrogen AND progesterone, which is needed if you have a uterus, to avoid the other risk, which is endometrial cancer.
How much does estrogen cost? Typical costs : For patients not covered by health insurance, the average monthly cost of hormone replacement therapy can range from about $10 to $85, depending on the drug used.
Does Medicare cover a nuclear stress test? Medicare does cover cardiac stress testing and cardiac catheterization for people who have known heart disease and for people with suspected heart disease based on symptoms (chest pain, shortness of breath, etc.). These tests are covered under Part B, leaving you to pay a 20 percent coinsurance.
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