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Treat hormone replacement after exercise, buy progesteronum blog

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What is the difference between an immunologist and an endocrinologist? Immunologists and endocrinologists are medical doctors. They have a comparable level of education and typically work in similar environments, but they specialize in treating different patients with medical issues.
How long can you take hormone replacement therapy? " We would say if you have moderate to severe symptoms that are sufficient to interfere with your life, then by all means take hormone replacement therapy — but not for more than four or five years" at most, says Jacques Rossouw, MD, director of the WHI. "And in most cases, it's not even necessary to take it that long."
How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance? Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of a hormone imbalance. Excess progesterone can make you sleepy. And if your thyroid -- the butterfly-shaped gland in your neck -- makes too little thyroid hormone, it can sap your energy. A simple blood test called a thyroid panel can tell you if your levels are too low.
What are possible contraindications to hormone replacement therapy? No absolute contraindications of hormone therapy have been established. However, HT is relatively contraindicated in certain clinical situations, such as patients with the following findings: A history of breast cancer. A history of endometrial cancer (see Uterine Cancer and Endometrial Carcinoma)
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