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How long after applying Retin A can I wash face? My preferred method is to apply the Retin-A on bare skin, at least 20 minutes after washing, and then wait another 45 minutes before applying moisturizer (or a face oil) on top. The reason for this is that you want to let the Retin-A penetrate for as long as possible before diluting its benefits with another product.
How much does a tube of Retin A cost? The cost for Retin -A topical cream 0.025% is around $108 for a supply of 20 grams, depending on the pharmacy you visit. Prices are for cash paying customers only and are not valid with insurance plans. A generic version of Retin -A is available, see tretinoin topical prices.
Can a primary care physician treat acne? Primary care physician or dermatologist? Results of the second study showed that almost all patients with less severe acne and most patients with nodulocystic acne were managed by primary care physicians. The authors feel that primary care physicians can and should handle most cases of acne without referral.
Can acne be cured permanently? Most acne treatments, however, have little effect on severe acne. Isotretinoin can clear severe acne when other treatments fail. With just one treatment, isotretinoin can permanently clear the skin. Treatment with isotretinoin often results in prolonged clearance of acne, which can be permanent for some patients.
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