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What are side effects of donepezil? Side Effects. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite / weight loss, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, trouble sleeping, shakiness (tremor), or muscle cramps may occur as your body adjusts to the drug. These effects usually last 1-3 weeks and then lessen.
What is the latest treatment for Alzheimer's? A drug that scientists are currently developing to treat stroke survivors might also help stave off Alzheimer's disease. Researchers are trialing a new treatment that may help people with early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia.
Does dementia qualify for Medicaid? About a quarter (24%) of adults with dementia living in the community has Medicaid coverage over the course of a year. Nearly all adults with dementia (95%) receive Medicare benefits, 8 and some also may qualify for Medicaid through an age (65+) or disability-related pathway if they have low income and limited assets.
What is the price of donepezil? Drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease Generic name and strength 1 Brand name Average monthly cost 3 Donepezil tablet, 10 mg Aricept $367 Donepezil tablet, 10 mg Generic 185 Galantamine tablet, 8 mg Generic 183 Memantine tablet, 5 mg Namenda 288 3 more rows
What is the best treatment for Alzheimer? Medications called cholinesterase inhibitors are prescribed for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease. These drugs may help reduce some symptoms and help control some behavioral symptoms. The medications are Razadyne (galantamine), Exelon (rivastigmine), and Aricept (donepezil).
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